One Day Crowns

Your Smile Is Valuable — and So Is Your Time!

I understand, and that’s why I’m proud to offer single-appointment dentistry to my patients.

Get the best in superior restorations, delivered in just one appointment. No temporaries, no weeks of waiting, no follow-up visits to the office. Enjoy the same lab-quality treatment you’ve received all along — in a timeframe that lets you get on with your life.

When I create your single-visit crowns, I rely upon the exceptional products and services provided by Glidewell Dental, the largest dental laboratory in the world. Your restoration is created using the same time-tested processes and equipment used by Glidewell themselves, including cutting-edge design technology built with advanced AI algorithms to ensure your crown has the perfect look and feel. Glidewell has been delivering successful outcomes to patients like you for nearly 50 years, and the restoration I provide to you builds on that legacy. You’re going to love the results.

Great Results

in a Single Visit

-Remove existing large fillings

-Restore broken teeth

-Remove the metal from your mouth

The Advantages

of Same-Visit Crowns

No more:

  • ✗  Second appointments

  • ✗  Gooey impressions

  • ✗  Temporary restorations

✔ Your restored smile is ready today!