Community Giving

 Why SCDC Gives Back to Our Community


North Austin Christian Church


Dr. Robert Harger believes that healthy families equal healthy communities. SCDC supports NACC in an underserved area of Austin and its men's and women's shelters that gets people off the streets, provides counseling, job training, and life skills. NACC provides food for tens of thousands of people in our community as well as clothing and other necessities. NACC is a community church that gives people a place to seek refuge, community, and discipleship. 


Austin Angels


Foster kids have typically experienced a great deal of pain and suffering. They deserve a chance to live in a safe and healthy environment. Austin Angels makes it possible for foster families to receive extra help, supplies, comfort, and community with people who care about these children and are thankful for families making the sacrifice to care for kids that are not their own.

The Austin Angels mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.


 Adventures with Purpose/Team Watters Sonar


Texas is a large state with a lot of water. Missing persons cases are always tragic and if we can help bring loved ones home, we're doing it!  These groups have been to Texas several times and helped recover long lost people bringing much needed closure to families.. Thank you AWP and Team Watters!

We are Adventures With Purpose (AWP) - a Search & Recovery Dive Team dedicated to helping families of missing loved ones.

Team Watters Mission is to find missing persons believed to be in waterways in order to bring them home to their loved ones and provide some peace to the family.